Recipe: Appetizing Dragon Fruit Shots.. ( Sugar Free)

Dragon Fruit Shots.. ( Sugar Free). Keep this dragon fruit smoothie recipe vegan by using a non dairy milk and subbing a plant based protein. Now why bother with dragon fruit? Besides its gorgeous color, its gained a lot of traction in the health food community because of its high nutrient value.

Dragon Fruit Shots.. ( Sugar Free) The fruit also has overlaid or. Dragon fruit can seem a bit intimidating at first with its unique look and bright colors. Learning how to prepare it is actually quite easy, and the more you eat it, the more you'll love it! You can cook Dragon Fruit Shots.. ( Sugar Free) using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Dragon Fruit Shots.. ( Sugar Free)

  1. You need 1 of Dragon Fruit.
  2. You need of Greek Yogurt.
  3. You need of Cinnamon Powder.
  4. Prepare of Icing Sugar (Optional).
  5. You need 1 of Apple for Slices.

Plus, it has many health benefits and is keto. Shelf Life Description: Dragon Fruit Chips are made using a sophisticated freeze drying technique that retains nearly all of the flavor and nutrients found in fresh fruit. Dragon Fruit JamVegetarian Tastebuds - Bela. sugar, lemon juice, dragon fruit. Dragon Fruit Ice CreamKitchen Flavours. honey, whipping cream, lemon, brown sugar, dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit Shots.. ( Sugar Free) step by step

  1. First hang Yogurt for at least 4-5 hours in any muslin or cheese cloth..
  2. Peel the dragon fruit and mash it with the help of a spoon..
  3. Now the mix the hung yogurt and dragon fruit paste.
  4. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder and icing sugar as per taste (Optional)..
  5. Pour in service shorts glasses (You can choose your own) and dress with apple slices (Fruits you can choose your own and serve cold. ( let it set in fridge for 2-3 hours.).

Dragon Fruit Limeade CocktailA Beautiful Mess. Dragon fruit has a high content of carotenoids, polyphenols, thiols, glucosinolates and tocopherols that work in combination to lower blood glucose levels. The high fibrous content of dragon fruit helps to curb the sudden spikes of blood sugar. Diabetics suffer from oxidative stress and stiffness in the aorta. Dragon fruit (also known as pitaya) is joined by fresh tangerine and basil in this refreshing Vietnamese drink.

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