Recipe: Appetizing Basic Curry Rice

Basic Curry Rice. This is a very EASY way to make curry rice. Cook rice as directed on package and stir in remaining ingredients with the water. Cook until liquid is absorbed and rice is tender.

Basic Curry Rice This simple dish of curried chicken and onion proves that even the most basic curry can still pack a punch. Allow the rice to cook until most of the liquid has been absorbed then stir in the peas (if using). Season the rice, fluff with a fork and serve. You can cook Basic Curry Rice using 8 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Basic Curry Rice

  1. You need 1 tablespoon of Oil.
  2. Prepare 400-500 g of Beef, or Pork or Chicken.
  3. You need 1-2 of Onions.
  4. It's 1-2 of Potatoes.
  5. Prepare 1 of Carrots.
  6. You need 550 ml of Water *OR follow the instruction on the Curry Roux box.
  7. You need 90-100 g of Curry Roux.
  8. You need 4 of Servings Freshly Cooked Rice.

What to serve with curry rice. In a large pot over medium-high heat, heat oil. Give this fish mappas curry a go. Satay cauliflower & chickpea curry with storecupboard flatbreads.

Basic Curry Rice step by step

  1. Cut the vegetables and meat. Oil a heated large saucepan or pot, cook meat, then add the vegetables and mix together. *Note: I like to add a bit of grated Garlic & Ginger when I first stir fry the meat as it adds a nice flavour..
  2. Add water and cook on medium heat until vegetables are tender..
  3. Add Curry Raux blocks and simmer on a low heat. Add extra Water if too thick. The longer you simmer, the richer the flavour..
  4. Serve on a plate with freshly cooked rice..

An easy veggie one-pan that's creamy, rich and satisfying - everything you want from a curry. Easy Curry Rice is a curry powder recipe with beautifully saut├ęd vegetables and it also has the perfect combo of rice and peas. This Curry Rice recipe is an easy-to-make side dish. There are chopped fresh green onions for the garnish and there's an. Once the vegetables become tender, add your dry rice and curry powder.

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