How to Make Yummy Pumpkin dal

Pumpkin dal. And this pumpkin dal just so happens to be really tasty and really easy to make! The two main ingredients: canned pumpkin (because convenience) and red lentils. Instant Pot Pumpkin Dal is super delicious and is nutritious as well.

Pumpkin dal Wish to learn an amazing recipe that is tasty, healthy and vegan? Stay tuned as Rithika shares with you her recipe for Pumpkin Dal. For pumpkin pie filling, I run cooked pumpkin through my food mill. You can have Pumpkin dal using 21 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Pumpkin dal

  1. Prepare of moongdal.
  2. You need of toordal.
  3. You need of masoordal.
  4. Prepare of chanadal.
  5. It's of Haldi.
  6. It's of Chillies 2 slit.
  7. It's of Chillipwd half tsp.
  8. It's of Ginger small grated.
  9. Prepare of Garlic.
  10. It's of Curry leaves 2 strands.
  11. You need of Corianderleaves fewchopped.
  12. You need of Salt as req.
  13. It's of Water as req.
  14. You need of Ghee/oil.
  15. Prepare of For tempering.
  16. You need of Mustardseeds.
  17. You need of cinammomstick.
  18. It's of bayleav.
  19. Prepare of Red Chillies.
  20. Prepare of PUMPKIN.
  21. Prepare of tomatoes pieces in small sizes.

For dal, you can just use a fork to mash up the pumpkin. Pumpkin and dal seemed like the perfect match. The pumpkin chunks make for a nice sweet contrast to the lentils. I'm betting when you eat this you'll find yourself digging out a pumpkin chunk to go with.

Pumpkin dal instructions

  1. First wash all dal and soak it for 30 minutes.
  2. Then take cokker and add all dal,pumpkin and tomato pieces haldi chilli powder and pressure cook with 3 whistle.
  3. Then add tempering in that add ghee or oil of ur choice and mustard seeds Red Chillies curryleaves coriander leaves.
  4. And add it and add required salt.
  5. Ready to eat serve with steam rice and with tomato pickle tasty more yummy.

Pumpkin dal recipe is a thick, pumpkin based lentil curry which is soothing, nutritious and tasty. This recipe is made with moong dal and is packed with protein and low carbs. dal pumpkin goes well to serve as a side to chapathi, rice, puri, and dosa as well. It is packed with This dal pumpkin recipe is one such addition to the endless list. Pumpkin is a no-brainer for sweet dishes: there's pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin granola, pumpkin bread. This paleo-friendly adaptation of a traditional dal (or dahl, dhal) is made with pumpkin and cauliflower and no legumes.

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