How to Make Tasty Bacon Ranch pasta salad

Bacon Ranch pasta salad. Known as a Suddenly Salad copycat, this pasta salad made with small shell pasta, ranch seasoning mix, peas, carrots and mayonnaise, is a well loved dish for any potluck, church supper or other gathering. With spring and summer potlucks and barbecues just around the corner, this Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad is a cold pasta salad recipe that you need on deck. Simple ingredients and prep work make this pasta salad a snap to put together.

Bacon Ranch pasta salad You can use any type of pasta you prefer or have on hand. I often use what is on sale that week at the grocery store or already is in the pantry. Penne, elbow and bowtie pasta are all great in this recipe. You can cook Bacon Ranch pasta salad using 10 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Bacon Ranch pasta salad

  1. Prepare of salad dressing.
  2. It's 1/2 cup of mayonaise.
  3. You need 1/2 cup of ranch dressing.
  4. Prepare 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar.
  5. You need 1 of salt and pepper to taste.
  6. It's of Salad.
  7. It's 1 packages of elbow macaroni (8oz).
  8. It's 1 medium of onion diced.
  9. It's 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese.
  10. It's 1/2 cup of bacon bits.

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad is a family-friendly side dish Ranch lovers will swoon for. It features pasta salad coated in a quick and easy Ranch dressing (homemade or store-bought), crispy bacon, and more! When the pasta is cool, toss with the sour cream mixture, chicken, bacon and Parmesan cheese, if using. For safe meat preparation, reference the USDA website.

Bacon Ranch pasta salad instructions

  1. boil elbow macaroni until desired tenderness. drain. rinse..
  2. In a mixing bowl, mix mayonaise, ranch dressing, and balsamic vinegar. salt and pepper to taste. (you can adjust the ratio of mayo to ranch for your liking.).
  3. In a separate bowl mix the dressing with the macaroni until well coated..
  4. Add onion, bacon bits, and shredded cheese to pasta. refrigerate at least an hour..
  5. Enjoy!.

Bacon and ranch belong together—it's indisputable. Rich and smoky bacon makes the perfect vehicle for a sauce that's both tangy and packed with the flavors of fresh herbs. Mix mayonnaise, sour cream, Seasoning and salt in large bowl until well blended. Add pasta, bacon, peas and tomato; toss gently to coat well. Nutrition information (per Serving) About pasta salad.

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